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    The Espresso Lab


    The Espresso Lab JASMINE Cup

    Jasmine is a sum of all the combined experiences of The Espresso Lab in preparing and serving great coffee.


    The cup is designed to be a perfect companion to any coffee-drinking experience, no matter the type of coffee or the occasion. The patented design enhances the flavor of the brew, through a special auto-aeration mechanism that employs physics to lock in flavors and aromas. The concept for this cup was fully ideated and executed in house at The Espresso Lab.

    Winner of the Specialty Coffee Association Coffee Design Award 2023
    Specialty Coffee Association Coffee Design Award 2023
    The Espresso Lab has been honored with the prestigious Specialty Coffee Association Coffee Design Award 2023 for the design and creation of the Jasmine Cup. This accolade is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team and serves as a moment of immense pride.
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    The Espresso Lab

    JASMINE Server

    The Espresso Lab JASMINE Server

    The perfect companion to the JASMINE cup, this server is designed to complement the unique features of the cup.


    The JASMINE Server is crafted with the same level of care and precision as the JASMINE cup. Its auto-aeration mechanism is calibrated to work in harmony with the cup, ensuring every cup of coffee is a sensory experience like no other. The server's spout allows for controlled pouring, delivering the perfect amount of coffee into your cup, every time.

    Pour a sensory experience like no other

    Like the JASMINE cup, the JASMINE server was conceptualized and executed in-house by The Espresso Lab. We've combined our years of coffee-making experience with the latest technology to create a product that truly enhances your coffee-drinking experience.

    The JASMINE server is not just a server - it's an extension of the JASMINE cup, creating the ultimate coffee-drinking experience. Get yours today and elevate your coffee game to new heights.

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    The Espresso Lab


    The Espresso Lab SD1

    Consistency — Repetition — Durability.

    SD1 - Suprima Dripper - Suprima Instrument Design by Hiro Lesmana | The Espresso Lab

    The SD1 is a revolutionary tool that elevates the art of coffee brewing to new heights. This meticulously engineered coffee dripper is a symbol of sophistication for coffee connoisseurs.

    Crafted with a sharp focus on three critical components – consistency, repetition, and durability – the SD1 addresses the common deficiencies found in conventional coffee drippers. The result is a superior brewing experience that transcends the ordinary.

    The innovative core of SD1 lies in its hybrid percolation-immersion method, a groundbreaking technique that seamlessly merges two processes that typically stand alone. This harmonious fusion allows both methods to work simultaneously, creating a unique synergy that has never been achieved before in coffee brewing.

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