Cup Score: 85-87

Savor the remarkable world of specialty coffee with our Rare Lots selection. Sourced from unique micro-lots globally, each coffee tells its own story. With a range of tastes and origins, they offer an exciting introduction to specialty coffee. Let your guests and patrons explore the captivating and complex flavors that make specialty coffee so intriguing.

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AED 35-140 (Excluding VAT)

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Cup Score: 87-89

Raise your standards with our Reserve Lots. Our picks are from prominent farms and coffee-growing regions, blending traditional artistry with novel processing techniques. Presenting diverse flavor profiles, from fruity to rich, these lots provide an elevated coffee experience. Make your specialty offerings standout with our reserve selections.

Price Schedule

AED 45-180 (Excluding VAT)

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Cup Score: 90 and above

Elevate your coffee offerings to the next level with The Espresso Lab's Signature Selections. Representing the epitome of coffee quality and the absolute finest the world has to offer, they are sourced from exclusive ultra-nano-lot harvests. With truly unmatched profiles, these precision roasted coffees cater to those seeking an ultra-premium experience.

Price Schedule

AED 90-3,000+ (Excluding VAT)

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