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Consistency — Repetition — Durability.

SD1 - Suprima Dripper - Suprima Instrument Design by Hiro Lesmana | The Espresso Lab

The SD1 is a revolutionary tool that elevates the art of coffee brewing to new heights. This meticulously engineered coffee dripper is a symbol of sophistication for coffee connoisseurs.

Crafted with a sharp focus on three critical components – consistency, repetition, and durability – the SD1 addresses the common deficiencies found in conventional coffee drippers. The result is a superior brewing experience that transcends the ordinary.

The innovative core of SD1 lies in its hybrid percolation-immersion method, a groundbreaking technique that seamlessly merges two processes that typically stand alone. This harmonious fusion allows both methods to work simultaneously, creating a unique synergy that has never been achieved before in coffee brewing.

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